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As you’re looking to make informed decisions about your retirement savings, you can use these tools as reminders of the value we provide, including our low-cost and highly competitive fee structure, comprehensive Plan services, and retirement planning tools and resources. The County of San Diego is committed to providing you with value, convenience and service from start to finish.

Plan information

investment options overviewInvestment options overview
Learn about the multiple investment options to help you plan for and live in retirement.

retirement guideA helpful guide when you’re ready to retire
Prepare for retirement with this helpful guide, including information about rollovers and fees.

calculating rmdCalculating your RMD
Learn about required minimum distributions and how they’re calculated.

Retirement planning resources

retirement checklistRetirement checklist
Review important contact information and reasons to stay with your deferred compensation plan.

distributions overviewDistribution options overview
Get answers to your questions about distributions.

personal info organizerPersonal information organizer
Keep your important information in one place to make things easier for your loved ones.

Additional resources

Chart showing rollover options to/from account types

Deferred compensation rollover options
Did you know that you can roll over other retirement funds into your County of San Diego Deferred Compensation Program account? By doing so, you will benefit from the simplicity of having your funds in one place.

Terminal Pay Plan (TPP)
Consider rolling your Terminal Pay Plan payment into your Deferred Compensation account. If you retire or separate from service as a Tier I, Tier A or Tier B member with SDCERA, and you are at least 55 years of age or 50 for Deputy Sheriff (DS) or Sheriff Management (SM), then your accrued vacation balance may be paid through the TPP. You may roll over all or a portion of these funds into your existing Deferred Compensation account to defer taxes. You also have the option to receive all or a portion of your payment as a taxable distribution by direct deposit or check. To learn more, visit the Treasurer-Tax Collector’s webpage.

Personal Retirement Consultant

Cathie Purdon is your Personal Retirement Consultant available to you as a no-cost service through Nationwide. Cathie focuses on relationships with Deferred Compensation Plan participants who are nearing retirement. To work with Cathie, please complete the questionnaire.

Cathie Purdon
Cathie Purdon, CFP®

Retirement Resource Group includes Retirement Specialists and Personal Retirement Counselors. Retirement Specialists are registered representatives of Nationwide Investment Services Corporation (NISC), member FINRA, Columbus, OH. The information they provide is for educational purposes only and is not legal, tax or investment advice. Personal Retirement Counselors are registered representatives of Nationwide Securities, LLC., member FINRA, SIPC. DBA Nationwide Advisory Services, LLC. in AR, CA, FL, NY, TX, and WY. Securities and Investment Advisory Services offered through Nationwide Securities, LLC, member FINRA, SIPC, and a Registered Investment Advisor. DBA Nationwide Advisory Services, LLC in AR, CA, FL, NY, TX and WY. Representative of Nationwide Life Insurance Company, affiliated companies and other companies.

Chat bubblesChat bubbles
Please contact your Retirement Specialist for more information or if you have questions.

While pre-tax assets cannot be rolled into your Roth account, all or any portion of your pre-tax assets may be converted to Roth as an InPlan Roth Conversion and will be taxed at the time of conversion. Visit or contact our Customer Service Center for more information and details. In-Plan Roth Conversions entail specific guidelines and eligibility requirements.