Much like your favorite smoothie recipe, how you invest is personal. We give you tools and resources to help you make the investing decisions that are right for you.

Whether you want some help making investment decisions, you are a do-it-yourself investor, or you're most comfortable with someone handling those decisions for you, the County of San Diego Deferred Compensation Program provides options. You can find details that help you identify your investing approach, as well as specific information about funds available through the Program.

Investment resources

View fund performance information for the funds available in the plan
Definitions to help understand industry terms
View the different investment options available

Use this tool to help determine your personal investment style

The importance of the right mix of investments

Your asset allocation strategy should be consistent with your investing style — ranging from conservative to aggressive. The idea is to find an appropriate balance of risk vs. reward by mixing investments to suit your style and your time horizon. Use our easy My Investment PlannerSM to help determine your personal investment style and asset allocation strategy.

Because various assets will grow at different paces, the allocation of assets in your County of San Diego retirement account could become unbalanced as compared to your original strategy. That’s why we recommend that you consider rebalancing your assets regularly.

Create the right investment mix to reach your goals

Check your investing approach
See the investing approaches offered by the County in this fun "Ways to Invest" video. Attend a webinar or watch this recorded asset allocation video by the County Personal Retirement Consultant, Cathie Purdon.

How do you want to approach making investment decisions?

Stocks, mutual funds, bonds and more - there are so many options, but we have resources and support to help you decide.

Risk vs reward

Different kinds of investments mean putting your money at different levels of risk. Greater risk equals potentially greater reward. Here’s a simplified way of looking at risk versus reward.

Chart displaying increasing levels of risk and reward for different investment categories. From lowest risk and reward to highest – capital preservation, bonds, large cap stocks, mid cap stocks, small cap stocks and international stocks.
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Investing involves risk and you could lose money.

Asset allocation, rebalancing and diversification do not assure a profit or protect against loss in a down market.