When it comes to your retirement investments, asset allocation and diversification are important. That’s why we’ve created educational materials to help you learn the basics.

Let us put our personalized approach to work. The right mix in your asset allocation can help you achieve the growth you want in your retirement plan.

Mixing it up

Watch this video to learn about the benefits of selecting the right investment mix now and revisiting and adjusting your portfolio as your needs, risk tolerance and objectives change.

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What are asset allocation and diversification?

Watch this short video about the purpose and importance of asset allocation.

Do you have the right mix?

Participants often have asset allocations that fall into one of three categories: overallocated, under allocated and just about right. Our goal is for everyone to find the right mix to help them achieve their retirement income goals.

Read more to determine where your asset allocation might exist today and how to ensure the right mix to achieve the asset growth you want.


When you joined the County of San Diego Program, you may have selected just two or three investment options. Over time, fund performance could have caused you to assume more market risk than you intend. Or you might not be invested aggressively enough to help achieve the asset growth you want.

How to solve for under allocation:

Now might be a good time to consider the right mix for your needs. The County of San Diego Program offers a broad spectrum of options and a suite of resources, including My Investment Planner℠, to help you find the right mix.


When you chose your investments, you might have picked multiple target date funds when, in fact, you need to choose only one or two (if your financial professional suggests it as part of a more complex strategy).

How to solve for overallocation:

Target date funds were designed to make retirement investing easier. Each individual target date fund is allocated to provide the right mix of assets to help most investors who intend to retire in or near the target year achieve their goals. As the target year gets closer, the mix becomes more conservative. And you assume only the market risk and fees associated with just one fund.

If you’d rather create your own mix of investments, the County of San Diego Program offers a broad spectrum of options and a suite of resources to help you find the right mix.

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Whether you’re using a target date fund or creating your own mix of investments, the County of San Diego Program is available to help you find the right mix.
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