You can participate in both the 457 (b) Pre-tax and After-tax (Roth) plans if you are a regular fulltime or part-time County and Court employee receiving a paycheck. You may enroll in the plan at any time during your employment. Contributions are generally effective with the first paycheck of the following month.

For the 401(a) plan, you can participate if you are a full-time or permanent part-time County and Court employee receiving a paycheck. You must enroll in this plan during the first 90 calendar days of your employment. After that time, you are no longer eligible to enroll.

When you’re ready to enroll, you’ll need your:

  • Social Security number
  • Employer name
  • Annual salary
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There are IRS limits to the standard and catch-up deferrals you can make to your plan.

How much should I save from each check?

It comes down to "as much as you can." What you can afford.

What should you invest in?

Stocks, mutual funds, bonds & more – there are so many options. So much to understand.

How do you want to handle making investment decisions?

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Option 1: Help me do it

Select a Target Date Fund that aligns with the year closest to when you think you will start taking distributions.

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Option 2: Do it myself

Make some of the decisions yourself after you get some help from My Investment Planner. It shows you some options that might fit your investing style and tolerance for risk.

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Option 3: Do it for me

For a fee, a Nationwide ProAccount® professional picks investments for you and manages them over time, to help you stay on target with your goals. Learn more about Nationwide ProAccount.

Enrolling & investing videos

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