Columbia High Yield Bond Fund

On September 11, 2020, the Columbia High Yield Bond Fund will conduct a 4-for-1 reverse split of the outstanding shares.

Columbia is performing these stock splits on certain funds with low net asset values (NAV) per share (less than $9.00) to increase each fund’s NAV, reduce any class performance distortion caused by rounding and to better align NAVs across a fund’s share classes. The total value of a shareholder’s fund account will not change as a result of this transaction. There will be no trading restrictions or black out periods around this event.

The split will increase the funds’ NAV while the total number of shares correspondingly decreases. For this split, Columbia will use a 4-to-1 reverse split, dividing the number of outstanding shares by 4 while multiplying the price per share by 4. Here is an example:

Example NAV/Share # of Shares Total Value
Before 4-for-1 reverse split 2.94 1,000 $2,940
After 4-for-1 reverse split 11.76 250 $2,940

Important Trading Information:

  • The ticker symbol, fund number and CUSIP for the fund will not change.
  • The NAV is available on the Fund Performance page on the website.
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